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Blood Pressure

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Microlife 24Hour  Blood Presssure Watch O3 (Holter Blood Pressure) O3 means Out of Office, W..
R29,550.00 R19,655.95
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor BP A1 Easy Wonderful for at home use Blood pressure & ..
R1,045.00 R895.95
Microlife BP A2 Basic Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Recommended for: Persons w..
R1,255.00 R995.75
Microlife BP A3 Plus Blood Pressure Meter A handy blood pressure meter which measures blood press..
R1,465.00 R1,155.95
BP A6 USB/PC Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor         &nb..
R2,095.00 R1,775.95
Microlife Mains Adapter AD-1024c Input 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz Output 6V, 600mA Imported fro..
Microlife WatchBP Home A Home blood pressure monitor with Atrial Fibrillation (AF) detection Fo..
R4,350.00 R3,500.00
Microlife WatchBP Office AFIB Office blood pressure monitor Performs Inter-Arm-Difference (IAD)..
R19,245.00 R17,743.75
Microlife Wide Range Fan-Shaped Soft Cuff M-L Universal M-L 22-42cm Easy to use fan-shaped..
R348.00 R295.00
Vital Blood Pressure 30 Capsules Vital Blood Pressure capsules are expertly formulated to prov..
Vital Co-Enzyme Q10 30 Capsules Vital Co-enzyme Q10 is a high-potency source of co-enzyme Q10,..