A. Vogel Cardiaforce Tonic

A. Vogel Cardiaforce Tonic
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A. Vogel Cardiaforce Tonic


Your heart is a vital body organ that requires extra care and protection, especially as you get older. Cardiaforce Tonic by A.Vogel is a heart tonic that strengthens the heart, and helps to calm palpitations and anxiety.

To use this product, simply take 20ml three times a day after eating. Before going to bed, add 20ml to 100ml of water, or water that's been sweetened with grape sugar or honey.

Each serving contains the following active ingredients

Crataegus oxy. mo. Fructus rec. extr. vini 7g per 20mg
Melissa off.: Herba rec. extr. vini 2g per 20mg
Vinum meridianum dulce 11g per 20mg

Inactive ingredients

Alcohol: 15% v/v

Dosage Directions

Adults: 20 ml 3 times daily after eating. Before retiring: 20 ml in approximately 100ml water or water sweetened with honey or grape sugar.

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