Vegan Super-Smoothie Essential Blend

Vegan Super-Smoothie Essential Blend
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Vegan Super-Smoothie Essential Blend


Gluten Free
Pineapple Fibre
Raw Cacao
80% Protein

Formulated to provide vegans (and anyone else) with a nutrient-dense quick drink or smoothie blend, “Essentials” uniquely combines high-quality plant protein with a combo of superfoods, pre-biotics and fibre.

To enhance the protein quality and amino balance of “Essentials”, defatted-chia seed (from cold-pressing) which contains around 20% protein and is also rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium was added.

One serving of “Essentials” (20g) will provide 12g of high-quality, complete plant protein; that’s 25% of the RDA for women.

Note that both rice and chia are gluten-free.

Also on the superfood front, Vegan Super-Smoothie included organic raw cacao powder, rich in anti-oxidants, good fat and magnesium, as well as that “feel-good” factor – cacao stimulates the release of endorphins.

Vegan diets can be tough on the gut, and “Essentials” has been formulated to aid digestive health with pineapple fibre to support transit and pre-biotics (inulin extracted from chicory) to promote healthy bacteria.

“Essentials” can be used as quick, nutrient-dense drink – just add your favourite cereal milk (rice, soy, almond etc), or fruit juice, even water, or as the base for a “full-on” smoothie with added fruit and other goodies.

“Essentials” is unsweetened; it has a neutral/pleasant taste without the addition of sweeteners.


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