Beyond Nicotine Kit

Beyond Nicotine Kit
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Beyond Nicotine Kit

Herbal Quit Smoking Kit - CD, Booklet, Herbal Anti-Crave & Detox capsules, Lip Balm

The BEYOND NICOTINE Quit Smoking programme has helped hundreds of smokers to quit permanently and easily, in just 15 days, with its simple and unique approach of mind ûconditioning and hypno-induction, supported by very effective herbal Anti-Crave and Detox Formulas. No other quit smoking programme combines both vital approaches to quitting. The programme is designed for success, so after quitting youÆll never need to fear relapse!

Kit includes:

  • Booklet with interactive exercises, mind setting and breathing exercises
  • Planning chart, pledges and goal setting functions
  • Herbal Anti-Crave and Detox Formulas
  • Unique Anti-Panic Fiddlestick
  • Reminder stickers
  • CD with Hypno induction exercises
  • Downloadable Apps incl on- phone Panic Button and free ringtone
  • Blogs and daily support.

    Follow these 6 logical and easy steps:
    1. Spend a bit of quality reflective time doing the exercises in the booklet, and reading the various sections.
    2. Learn the deep breathing technique, do the hypno induction exercises, write your break-up letter and sign your pledge forms.
    3. Register your start date on our website, create your cash tray, and throw away your cigarettes!
    4. Take your powerful Anti-Crave capsules, and start the healing process via the Detox capsules.
    5. Monitor your progress on the wall chart, make and start new habits and plans, and be aware the cravings only last a few days
    6. Discover the New You BEYOND NICOTINE, and go on to make positive and far reaching changes in other parts of your life!


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