• Amyris Essential Oil 22ml

Amyris Oil

Amyris balsamifera


Amyris essential oil has a very tenacious, rich, complex odor that quickly fades out to a subdued woody-balsamic aroma; it is valued as a well-known fixative, especially in soaps, and finds extensive application as a mild blender in numerous types of perfumes.  Surprisingly, this tree is a member of the citrus (Rutaceae) family, but bears no fruit. However, it is of great value to locals who use it for firewood and, since the hard-grained, dense wood is heavy  with aromatic resins, branches serve as excellent, bright-burning torches. The sedate density and resin-rich nature of Amyris tend to bring a sweet balsamic calm to those who envelop themselves with this oil.

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Amyris Essential Oil 22ml

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