Microlife Non-Contact Thermometer NC150

Microlife Non-Contact Thermometer NC150
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Microlife Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Microlife uses the 3-second Non Contact (NC) thermometers for fast, reliable and hygienic measurements on the forehead.

How does Microlife's NC thermometer ensure accurate readings?
Being able to scan a large area of the forehead during the 3-second measurement time ensures maximum precision.
Microlife's NC thermometers measure 12 times per second and the readout displays the highest value of the
36 spots measured.
This technology guarantees safe and sanitary measurements within only 3 seconds.

Microlife Non-Contact Thermometer NC150 a thermometer suitable to measure the tempreture of children & adults. Measure not touch , fast, safe and accurate. Suitable for use in home, hospital, clinic, school authorities.


Feature highlights:

    • Touch-free measurement in only 3 sec.
    • Multifunctional (body, object and ambient temperature)
    • Gentle & hygienic
    • Tracking light - easy to use
    • Clinically tested and recommended by doctors
    • Silent Glow TM technology
    • Large illuminated display with date and time
    • Beeper
    • Fever alarm
    • 30 data memory (stored with date/time)
    • Sound control (On/Off)
    • Automatic switch-off
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