G.I. Lean Fat Burn Drops

G.I. Lean Fat Burn Drops
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G.I. Lean Fat Burn Drops


G.I. Lean Fat Burn Drops is a herbal formula which helps to increase energy and burn excess fat to support weight loss. Now with Fucoxanthin (Seaweed Extract) and Evodiamine ( Plant Extract) and energyboosting ingredients that have thermogenic properties which help to:


Fat Burn Drops has historically been one of G.I. Lean’s best selling product

Each serving contains the following active ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar 100mg
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinesis) 60mg
Guarana (22% Caffeine)  
(Paullinia cupana) 50mg
Lemon Juice 25mg
Fucoxanthin 10% (Laminiaria japonica) 10mg
Vitamin B6 10mg
Evodiamine 98%  
(Evodia rutaecarpa (juss)) 5mg
Chromium Polynicotinate 100µg
Vitamin B12 5µg

Inactive ingredients

Alcohol, water.

Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA is calculated on a 2 000 calorie intake for a 70kg person. Please consult the packaging for any RDA's relating to this product.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place below 25ºc, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Dosage Directions

Up to 60 drops daily. ADULTS: Take up to 30 drops in a glass of water before breakfast and again for lunch. Dose can be adjusted according to your metabolic needs. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Other Information

CONTAINS IODINE. CONTAINS CAFFEINE. Do not take this product if you suffer from high blood pressure or any heart conditions. Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are currently taking any medication or suffering from any medical conditions. Iodine can interact with thyroid medications. Safety during pregnancy and lactation has not been established.

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