Microlife BP A2 Basic Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife BP A2 Basic Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
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Microlife BP A2 Basic Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Persons who need an advanced blood pressure monitor of high accuracy, with multiple functions and excellent price/performance ratio.

Blood pressure monitor of high accuracy. Very easy to use.

  • Certified quality of PAD technology. 5 years guarantee.
  • Gentle use PAD* technology (pulse arrhythmia detection).
  • Early warning for possibility of heart arrhythmia. Easy cuff (22-42cm).
  • 30 data memory with date and time.
  • Clinically tested (BHS Protocol)
  • Easy to use. Equipped with a carrier bag.
  • *Pulse Arrhythmia Detection : Early diagnose of pulse arrhythmia is very important, as it will help to prevent the possible heart disorders. The PAD technology (Pulse Arrhythmia Detection) developed by Microlife warns you and your doctor about pulse arrhythmia. This does not replace a cardiac examination, but serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage. The curve shows an oscillogram taken by a Microlife digital blood pressure monitor with PAD technology.

The arrows indicate arrhythmia. If an irregular heart beat occurs during measurement, the PAD symbol is displayed at the end of the measuring.

Advanced (3rd Generation) blood pressure monitor, with Gentle+ technology for optimal cuff inflation and PAD technology for the early detection of heart arrhythmias. 30 data memory with date and time indication. Standard kit includes one extended length (22-42 cm) soft cuff, suitable for normal and large arms. As rolled over the arm, the cuff has a conical shape, which provides optimal fit, thus accurate blood pressure measurements. 

• Conical extended size cuff, for any usual arm size 
• PAD technology for early arrhythmia detection
• 30 data memories with date and time
• Traffic light indicator for blood pressure classification
• Cuff check indicator – it displays when adequate pressure cannot be generated in the cuff or deflation rate is abnormal
• Arm movement indicator – it displays in case of arm movement during the measurement

Conical cuff fits normal and large arms
• Proper cuff is crucial for adequate measurements.
• Conical cuff provides better fitting and accurate measurements.
• Suitable for all common arm sizes
• Clinically tested

Gentle+ technology
• Optimal inflation speed and pressure control for comfortable and accurate measurements

PAD - Pulse Arrhythmia Detection
•y alerts to possible heart arrhythmias
• Clinically tested pulse arrhythmia detection Earl

Clinically tested
• The accuracy of this device is clinically tested according to the protocol of the British Hypertension Society (BHS) with the highest possible grade of A/A


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