Shea Butter Refined Organic 250ml

Shea Butter Refined Organic 250ml
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p u r e   o r g a n i c   s h e a   b u t t e r


  • c o l d p r e s s e d
  • r e f i n e d
  • Product form Ghana
  • Packed in South Africa

Reef Oil's refined Shea Butter is great for cosmetic and personal use. After Shea butter is extracted from the Shea nut

       through a cold pressing method the natural butter is filtered to remove any impurities, resulting in a creamy off white

     color and an ultra-high quality pure product with less odor.


                          Pure Organic Cold Pressed Shea Butter

  • High in Vitamin A + E
  • Contains natural high amounts of Phytosterols, Triterpenes, Fatty esters and Phenolic acids


     Shea Butter is widely used to protect skin from the sun’s UV rays, as well as soften and heal cracked and aged skin         

                                        Benefits of Shea Butter

  • Evens skin tone & does not clog pores. Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue.
  • Restore elasticity to maturing skin and prevent the cellular breakdown that leads to dry, cracking skin, and stretch marks
  • Stimulate cellular activity, fights the effects of aging, repairs rough, damaged skin. Revitalize, softens & maintains skin moisture
  • Has natural sun blocking powers and may protect skin from sun damage and environmental elements
  • Returns natural luster to skin and hair. Nourishes the hair shaft
  • Moisturizes dry, dull over-processed and heat-treated hair resulting in improved brilliance and manageability
  • Helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out and may promote hair growth

            ALLERGY ALERT: Shea butter contains natural latex.

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