Seche Irreplacable One Coat Nail Varnish 14ml

Seche Irreplacable One Coat Nail Varnish 14ml
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Seche Irreplacable One Coat Nail Varnish


Pink Beige Neutral

Brushes on beautifully with one-coat coverage and dries amazingly fast.


Always ensure to use Seche Clear Base Coat before applying nail varnish.

Apply coat of Seche nail varnish and ensure to cap front and sides.

Apply Seche Vite™ Top coat wile colour still wet to ensure Seche Vite™ penetrate through nail varnish and bond with base coat.

Seche Vite™ Top Coat is unique in its application over wet nail polish. Make sure there is a nice bead at the end of the brush before application over wet nail polish as it must be applied thick, but not too thick.


Remove nail varnish with either acetone or acetone-free nail polish remover. No soaking, wrapping, scraping or filing necessary.


Keep out of reach of children.

For external use only.

Ensure cap always closed.


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