African Ginger 60Tabs

African Ginger 60Tabs
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African Ginger


60 Tabs

The highly aromatic roots of this rare Southern African plant
are regarded as Africa’s best natural anti-inflammatory
remedy, and it has a long history of use in African traditional
medicine for a range of conditions including headaches,
influenza and colds, mild asthma, sinusitis, throat infections
and bad breath.
It is considered an excellent antiseptic, circulatory stimulant
(including the blood and the lymph) and overall body detoxifier.
It helps reduce high blood pressure and body temperature
in fevers. It inhibits clotting, thins the blood and lowers
cholesterol. It is a mild sedative, balancing mood swings and
calming hysteria. It has an expectorant action in the lungs,
expelling phlegm and relieving coughs and chest infections.
It stimulates the
appetite and enhances digestion and is
well known for relieving nausea and vomiting, settling the
stomach and soothing indigestion and heartburn. It relieves
colic, abdominal pain and spasm, and helps to relieve griping
caused by diarrhea. It is good for PMS, relaxes menstrual cramping, promotes menstruation and helps with delayed
and scanty periods. It also relieves painful ovulation and is used to invigorate the reproductive system altogether.
Recent resea
rch has also found that African Ginger may help prevent strokes and hardening of the arteries. In
rural Africa it has even traditionally been used as protection against lightning and snakes!


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