Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty
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Inner Beauty Soy Candle

For Aromatherapy


Inner Beauty – Improves Relaxation, Tranquility & Calm 
Rose, Benzoin & Mandarin


Fragrances relax the mind and invigorate the soul, relieving stress and anxiety

Soy Candles melt at 2 degrees above body temperature, perfectly safe for applying to the skin.

Soybean wax’s rich and abundant combination of Vitamin E, Lecithin and soy proteins nourishes the skin, improving tone, texture and radiance.

Soothe, moisturise and condition cuticles and hands or dry elbows, knees, heels and feet.

Soy Candles burn for up to 20 hours (75ml)

Contains no GMO’s


100% all natural, biodegradable soybean wax combined with 100% pure essential oils.

No lead, dyes, added chemicals or preservatives.

100% cotton wick.

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