Buffel Horing

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Buffel Horing

The erection booster that works, Buffel Horing.

Why use Buffel Horing?

  • 100% Natural, so no prescription needed.

It’s made of 100% Natural ingredients( listed below), no chemicals or additives included. No prescription needed.

  • Fast Acting

Works within 40 minutes and can last up to 72 hours depending on the constitution of the person.

  • Wonderful Results

Stronger and harder erection, longer lasting and more intense orgasms with up to 5 times more stamina.

Can I use it to improve performance?

You can use it even if you don’t suffer from a weak Erection or Erectile Dysfunction. The ingredients will let you
experience an Erection that you have never experienced before. Intense increased orgasms, more
stamina, and an increased sperm count, at the moment you ejaculate, will ensure that you are perfectly

2 Capsules, 40 minutes prior to intercourse is all it takes for you to be completely satisfied.

How does the pills work?

The main reason for Erectile Dysfunction is a lack of proper blood flow. Erectile Dysfunction  could be caused by a number
of factors. Stress, medication, diet, lack of exercise, diabetes, overweight, excessive alcohol and a lack of
sufficient Testosterone are some of the reasons why men experience Erectile Dysfunction.

The Corpus Cavernosum (2 spongy tubes inside your penis) needs sufficient blood to create a proper Erection. If
there is insufficient blood traveling through these tubes then you will not achieve a proper Erection.
Buffel-Horing is designed to temporarily expand these arteries and thereby increasing the blood flow
throughout these tubes to help swell up the penis.

What are the benefits of using this product?

You will experience plenty of benefits when using it, not only improved sexual performance
but also endurance. It contains an ingredient that restores your blood flow throughout the
human body and also coats the inside of the membrane wall of the arteries passing through the penis,
ensuring better blood flow to the Corpus Cavern sum and thus producing better erections for longer
pleasure. Any male older than 18 years, can use it …. daily.
Warning: Don’t exceed 2 capsules per 24 hours.

How safe is the use of it?

It is one of the safest products in the South-African market. While being manufactured
according to strict guidelines as laid out by SAPHRA (Previously known as the MCC) and was recently
approved by the United States FDA. We use a highly respected, privately owned, GMP approved
manufacturing facility in South-Africa to manufacture the product and we keep a close record of all the
ingredients together with COA’s to ensure safety and quality. We work closely with SAPHRA to ensure
that we meet with their every standard and protocol required by the health authorities.

Buffel-Horing is a Cat. D – Complementary Medicine

What are the contents of this product?

It is 100% Natural product and we only use premium ingredients to manufacture the final
product. The original formulation was designed by a top urologist in USA but, we re-engineered the
main active ingredient and asked farmers in the Namibian Kalahari to grow it for us under a very dry
climate making the active ingredient up to 10 times more potent than normal. This active ingredient
enables the ingredients to work quicker to help stimulate better results so as to work faster and boost
your erection power to the next level.




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Buffel Horing

Buffel Horing

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