Clementine Essential Oil 10ml to 1000ml


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Clementine Essential Oil

Botanical name: Citrus clementina

Clementine Essential Oil is a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange, produces an essential oil abundant in limonene with an array of benefits. The essential oil, cold-pressed from the peel of the clementine, has a distinct aroma that is similar to that of Wild Orange oil, but with subtle Lemon notes.

Clementine Product Uses and Benefits

  1. Skincare: Brighten up your skincare routine by adding one drop for Clementine essential oil to your facial cleanser for an effective clean that supports a healthy-looking, even skin tone.
  2. Shower Boost: With Clementine oil, a warm shower can be more than a quick wash. Add two drops to your favorite body wash or shampoo to boost cleansing and to fill your shower with a sweet, invigorating aroma.
  3. Surface Cleansing: The limonene content in Clementine essential oil makes it a prime addition to your at-home cleaning solution. Combine several drops with water and Lemon essential oil or with surface cleanser in a spray bottle and apply to surfaces for an added cleansing benefit and a burst of sweet citrus scent.
  4. Diffusion: Clementine essential oil can be used to create a light and refreshing atmosphere throughout your entire home. Diffuse on its own, or experiment by adding a drop to some of your already favorite essential oil diffuser blends.

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